PENNELLO Brush. It's Not Just Any Brush.

It’s the ULTIMATE Styling tool for consumers and professionals alike!

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The GO TO Brush for Everyone!

The Pennello is tailored to all hair types and glides seamlessly for a clean look. Shoppers love it because other tools on the market can’t withstand different types of hair. The Pennello is simple, effective, must-have tool that you’ll take with you everywhere.

multibrush colors for summer 2019

Wholesalers & Salon Owners

Looking to add to your product line?
As distributors, you know your customers want to leave feeling pleased, polished and pretty. A product like the Pennello, only is it a tool they will want to buy for their station but can be a retail option that will increase profits.

Why This Brush!

Our core values of commitment, versatility and helpfulness will always be behind us when it comes to the customer’s experience using the Pennello. Pennello is Italian for, ‘a brush that fits the hand like a glove’.

It works for all different hair types and conditions including:

• wet, dry, long, short, multicultural hair
• combs conditioner through washed hair
• combs color allowing it to distribute evenly

• back-comb hair without tearing, which makes smoothing out your set much easier
• assists with power drying long hair

What Kind of Hair Can This Brush Handle?

Thick and curly hair can be handled by Pennello Brush

Curly/Thick Hair

Doesn’t pull, tug, break, or tangle hair, but glides evenly through coarse and multicultural hair.

Fine Hir is handled easily by Pennello Brush

Fine Hair

Glides through fragile hair without discomfort and tugging, leaving the hair smooth and natural.

Kids do well with Pennello brush

Kids Hair

For children, it will not rip or tear causing discomfort, therefore, making hair time a fun time!

Pennello Brush is great for Men's hair and especially beards


For men, it glides through hair to flow in its natural growth pattern, leaving it natural and not too coiffed.


For pets, it easily glides through all kinds of hair or fur to remove matting, debris, and tangles as easy as possible.

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We want to give you a tool that will last the test of time. With that comes a role in the community, showcasing the love & support we receive in the media, different promotions, and professional tips & techniques that deserve to be shared.

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